Monday, July 8, 2013

"What was Logan thinking?" Contest

I ran this contest over the weekend and I want to thank everyone that participated...
Your answers were great!

Want to see your name in book 2???
I will be introducing a new character. A female relative of Logan's and thought maybe you guys could help with her name. She is beautiful, kind and supportive which describes my readers:)

All you have to ...
do is... post a comment below of what you think Logan was thinking while jogging behind Cassandra their first meeting.

 You have until tomorrow at midnight est. to post your comments and I’ll choose my three favorites. On Saturday night I will post the top 3 in a poll for you guys to vote. Winner gets to choose a name they love or use their own name.

These were my 3 favorites...

"Bent over and Ass up my favorite position".
- Danielle Sanchez
2. "Those are a nice set of legs, wonder what time they open.."
-Tara Schmidt Longval
3. "I wonder who she is. She keeps a steady pace. No doubt from looking at her. Toned and refined in all the right places. The way her muscles stretch and loosen is intoxicating. What the hell am I thinking? I can't go down this road again. But damn, look at that ass! That would look great in the palm of my hand. I should just turn around now, but I honestly can't stop staring at that ass! What would it feel like if I grabbed it? What would it feel like if I let my hands caress, massage and wander her body? What noises would she make if I let my lips taste her every inch? What would it feel like to hold her, to watch her sleep? Dammit! What is wrong with me? I can't believe this! I need to focus. Focus! Focus on Oliver! Not this delicious, sweet, sweaty, toned piece in front of me...but what a great view!” -Katie Werling Murphy
I am pleased to announce the winner of the contest was Katie Werling Murphy and Oliver's Aunt's name in book 2 will be Katherine or Aunt Katie!

Again thank you so much to everyone that participated.
Your support is means the world to me!

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