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Here it is the deleted chapter from Inevitable. It is the second half  of Christmas at Logan's. Let me know on Facebook what you guys think. I am still developing blog so message me on Facebook instead of here. Thanks:)

Deleted Christmas chapter

That afternoon was full of laughter—playing with Oliver’s many new toys and having a wonderful meal I helped Logan prepare—and I found myself lost in a haze of possibilities.

It had been a lovely day, and the growing feelings spreading throughout me began to settle in a small crevice of my heart. The relentless urges to reach out and grab Logan, crash my lips to his and hold on for dear life as he had his way with me, took everything I had to fight against.

The longer I remained there so close to him, the harder it became to see reason. I was constantly reminding myself that we were better as friends. As lovers our relationship would be undoubtedly short lived…no matter how passionate it might be in the heat of the moment.

In the end, I feared his notorious reputation would prove correct and I would walk away with nothing but a broken heart.


During dinner I caught myself staring a bit too long from  the corner of my eye as Logan helped Oliver cut his food. He was an amazing father and it melted away even more of my doubt to witness it.

When the dishwasher was finally loaded, after I flat out demanded Logan to step back and let me clean up, we made our way down to the theatre located in the basement.

I couldn't help smiling as Logan stood in front of the professional grade popcorn machine waiting for it to fill. It not only reminded me of my childhood spent around the television, but also the sweet feelings of making new ones. The buttery aroma filled the room. The popping of the kernels began to slow just as the opening credits began to play on the enormous screen that took up the entire wall.

"Hurry up, Daddy!" Oliver did not ever bother to look over at his father, instead staring expectantly up at the screen.

Scout sat peacefully in his lap, pleased with all the attention Oliver had showered over him throughout the day. I looked around the room that I had been in only twice previously. There were two rows of recliners in front of the screen, but in the center of each row was an overstuffed sofa with throw pillows and a massive plush throw draped over the back.

I sat with Oliver in the middle while we impatiently waited for our popcorn.

"Your daddy is becoming an old man, you know." I joked loud enough for Logan to overhear. "He is slower than we are at getting things, huh?"

"Yeah." Oliver chuckled shooting his father a goofy grin. "He is slow like my grandpa."

I laughed, petting Scout and shooting Logan a crooked grin.

"I'm coming. I'm coming." Logan drawled, glancing over at us. He scooped the fresh popcorn into three small tubs and I laughed as Logan juggled them all in his hands walking toward us.

"You're lucky I didn't do anything to yours, sweetheart. So impatient." He grinned, handing me one.

"Like what? You wouldn't dare spit in my popcorn, Mr. West!" I feigned shock adding a dramatic edge to my voice..

"Well, I am a gentleman, but you’d be surprised what I could come up with to teach you a lesson in patience,” with a playful smile he sat on the other side of Oliver,” as well as respecting your elders."

I giggled. "Do you worst, I dare you." I popped a piece of the delicious popcorn into my mouth and smiled at him.

Logan chuckled as Oliver glared first at his father and then to me. "Quiet! It's starting."

I bit my lip in an attempt to control my laughter at Oliver's feeble attempt at authority.

The movie began and after settling in through the first twenty minutes or so, I felt something hit the side of my head. I jerked forward in my seat, laced my fingers through my hair, and removed the offensive kernel.

With a tilt of my head, I glowered at Logan. He was wearing a impish grin and ‘what-you-gonna-do-about it; eyes.

I was not going to smile, really I fought so damn hard but as his taunting expression broadened so did my lips.  His beautiful sapphire eyes gleamed with mischief. Regaining my self control, I squinted my eyes, pursed my lips and picked up the kernel. To my luck and satisfaction I shot it back at him, hitting him square between the eyes.

A loud guttural laugh rumbled in my chest, earning me a threatening glare from Oliver.

"Sorry," I whispered. Shooting one last triumphant smirk at Logan, I turned my attention back to the movie.

Oliver snuggled into my side, Scout sleeping soundly at his feet while the Christmas comedy continued playing across the screen.

I had seen the movie multiple times before as a child, making me more aware of my surroundings then the actual movie. To be more exact, I was all too aware of the intense gaze burning into my side by Logan.

I tried to ignore it. Perhaps it was all in my head. I may only be assuming he was staring at me, but judging by the heat racing through my veins and prickling at the tips of my ears I was positive I could feel him staring.

Chancing a quick glance, I subtly shifted my head slightly to the side, and peered over at him.

As I had expected, his body was positioned to look more at me than at the screen. I swallowed the knot forming in my throat, but once my eyes locked with his. I found no power to look away. His entire expression was full of something I didn’t even recognize. It was not the lustful stares he had thrown my way ever since we met, nor was it the warm, friendly gaze I had come to relish.

I had noticed this same confusing yet enchanting look earlier in the living room. Goose bumps rose up over my arms and traveled down my body, as his unrelenting gaze burned into mine.

Finally I mustered enough force to mouth, "Watch the movie." My lips turned up in the slightest smile hoping to diffuse the tension between us.

Logan simply smiled and turned his attention back up at the screen.

Nervously I dropped my head, staring back to my tub of popcorn but my nerves never left my hands; they trembled as I reached and retrieved a handful. With a soft sigh, I tried to calm my racing heart.

As the movie made its way into the climax, Oliver began to grow restless. Turns out, he was still a bit too young to truly enjoy the holiday classic, no matter how funny it was.

Oliver squirmed in his seat. His hands running through his recently refilled tub of popcorn but instead of pulling out one for him to eat, he tossed out a handful to Scout, who was rolling around on the floor, equally bored.

"Oliver, Cassandra may not want Scout eating that," Logan said sternly, ending the silence. I had not heard his husky voice in over an hour. It was as sweet as ever.

"It’s fine, although I think your dad might want some as well," I said, smiling at Oliver. I grabbed a piece of popcorn from my tub and held it up. "Open your mouth, Logan."

Logan cocked an eyebrow but did as I asked. Oliver and I both laughed as I tossed in the popcorn and with a swift move of his head, he caught it in his mouth like a pro.

"I want to try!" Oliver hopped down from the sofa and stood in front of us.

I laughed, tossing a popcorn kernel at his open mouth, but with no success. Oliver frowned, his brows pulling down.

"Try again." Oliver stomped his foot.

I tossed another and another, all of them failing to reach the goal.

"You're not very good at this, Cassie." Oliver pouted.

Logan dipped his head back laughing. I shot him a look and he reached into his bowl, pulling out a piece and held it up. "Let me try."

Oliver waited with his mouth open as wide as he could, a loud Ahhhh sounding from his throat.

Logan aimed and tossed the puffy snack perfectly into his mouth. Oliver jumped up and down giggling.

"Yeah! I did it!" he exclaimed proudly then turned to me. "Must be a boy thing."

I huffed, offended and grabbed a handful of popcorn. Catching Oliver off guard, I threw it straight at him.

Oliver shot me a stunned look, but within seconds had his full tub in hand and retaliated. Popcorn flew through the air in my direction from both Oliver and Logan.

I held my tub tightly in my grip, and scrambled from my seat ducking behind the row of recliners in the back.

Their voices echoed through the room. Oliver's laughter mixed with Logan's deep voice.

"Hmmm, where do you think she’s hiding?" Logan taunted.

I could hear Oliver’s snicker. My hand covered my mouth, silencing my own laugh.

Then all I could hear was Logan speaking in a hush voice but couldn’t make out the words. Oliver’s footsteps were loud enough to hear coming up the back. With adrenaline racing through me, I belly crawled across the floor, popcorn spilling out from my container and stopped at the edge of the recliners, waiting. My hand rested in my bowl, clutching a heaping amount, ready to fight back.

As if out of a movie, I heard Logan yell, "Attack!"

When I looked up, they were both standing over me wearing smug grins. Popcorn rained down as I scurried to my feet. I threw my handful of popcorn at Logan and dumped the remainder of my tub over  Oliver’s head, giggling uncontrollably.

Logan laughed as I leaped over the recliners, adrenaline full force guiding me and I darted to the popcorn machine across the room on the bar.

I flung open the glass door and reached for the metal scoop just as I felt hands grip around my waist, and pull me into the air.

My giggles poured out as my feet flung up. I tried with no avail to fight out of his grip as he chuckled. We’d been here in this position twice before—and each time under different circumstances—but this was the first time I enjoyed myself in his arms.

"Surrender, sweetheart. You stand no chance against us West men," Logan’s thick laughter caressed my ear.

I thrashed in his grip, refusing to lose and reached out to grab the scoop in the popcorn machine, but he held me back, laughing harder. I needed some way for him to loosen his grip just enough and then I could get the upper hand. I was less than a foot away from the machine. Without another thought, I craned my neck back just enough to smack my lips down on his.

Logan's eyes flew open, shocked and as I had anticipated, his grip loosened.

Taking full advantage of his stunned and stiff demeanor, I reached out and plunged the scoop into the vat of warm popcorn and pulled open his shirt around his neck. My cheeks stung at the giant grin on my face as I tossed the buttery kernels down the front. Pay back.

Pulled instantly from his stupor, he grabbed my hand just as I plunged the scoop in for more.

"You play dirty, sweetheart," Logan murmured, his thumb caressed my palm, sending electricity through it but I was able to fight it off when I saw the stool behind him begin to move.

"I'm not the only one," I whispered, trying to keep a straight face.

Logan's body tensed, Oliver stood on the stool, held open his father’s shirt, and dumped a full tub of popcorn inside. He released my hand and turned to find his son laughing hysterically.

"You little traitor." Logan chuckled shaking the kernels from his shirt.

Oliver stuck out his tongue in defiance.

Logan turned back to me, where I was waiting with the scoop overflowing with popcorn, held out over him.

"You win! I surrender," Logan shouted, holding his hands up in defeat.

I dropped it back in the machine and smiled at Oliver, giving him a well-deserved high five.

"Smart man." I giggled, helping Oliver down off the tall stool.

I followed Oliver back to the sofa where he threw himself down into the cushions. His giggles slowly dying down as a yawn escaped his lips.

Logan pulled him up into his lap and he sat back in his previous seat. I smiled, feeling at peace when Oliver rested his legs over mine. Quietly, we all cozied up into the sofa, and the movie continued as if nothing had ever happened. The only evidence was the room covered in thousands of tiny pieces of popcorn. At the bar, the machine door was left open and surrounded by more destroyed kernels.

Tiny pieces of popcorn fell into my lap when I ran my fingers through my tousled hair.. I would need a good long shower before bed.


Oliver had fallen asleep between Logan and me before the ending credits began to roll. I had spent the rest of the movie wondering if Logan had thought twice about my kiss. It was quick and subtle, but it was a kiss nonetheless. It was just enough to tease my insides after the last one we shared at the farm. His lips were as firm and delicious, as I remembered. Glancing over at Logan, I found him staring straight ahead at the screen. His eyes focused intently on the characters walking off in the sunset.

"He was exhausted," I said, looking at Oliver. A loud yawn spilled from my lips.

"You seem quite sleepy yourself."

"Well, it's not like I didn't experience a bit of World War III."

"You?" Logan's eyebrows shot up, feigning hurt. "I’m the one that was attacked so ruthlessly, shall I remind you."

"You deserved it."

"Is that so? Why would that be?"

"You did threaten to ruin my popcorn earlier."

"Ahh, but my threats toward you are always so empty." His voice was warm and sexy and all I wanted was to have it whispered in my ear for the rest of the night.

"Is that so?" I asked, playfully unconvinced.

"You know it is," he replied genuinely before adding. "I have to say I am a bit surprised you would play so dirty. A kiss to force a man to relent. You could have done better than that."

"Would you have preferred? An elbow to your gut?"

Logan shook his head chuckling. "I'll always prefer your kiss, sweetheart."

My body sat rigid, pulse picking up and racing through my veins, waking that one part that only he could.  Could he feel it too, I wondered.

He stared at me with that sweltering look from earlier. Awkwardly I cleared my throat, and looked back at the screen. Ending credits were still rolling while a Christmas melody filled the room.

"I should put him to bed," Logan said after a few short moments.

I could only give a shy smile and a nod. Logan lifted his son into his arms and pulled himself to stand. I followed him up the stairs leading out of the basement, Scout trailing behind.

"Cassie," Oliver mumbled through his sleepy fog. Logan stopped at the base of the second set of stairs in the foyer.

I was half way to the living room to grab my bag but stopped to walk over when I heard my name

"I'm right here, sweetie. Go back to sleep. I'm going home to sleep as well."

"No!" Oliver whined. "I want you to read me a book first."

I smiled. "Of course.”

Logan glanced over his shoulder and gave me a grateful smile. I scooped Scout up into my arms and followed Logan up the stairs to Oliver's room.

Pushing open the door with his elbow, Logan laid his son on the bed and pulled the covers over his tiny frame. I stood behind Logan smiling at the dinosaurs covering the comforter. Logan stood and walked back to the door while I sat on the edge of the bed beside Oliver.

"What book would you like me to read?" I asked softly. Scout jumped from my arms onto the bed.

"The new book you gave me," Oliver murmured sleepily. His eyes struggled to remain open as he smiled at Scout. The pup had pushed under the covers, popping his head out the top under Oliver's chin.

I looked up at Logan. He nodded once and left the room to retrieve the book from the down stairs.

"Can he stay with me tonight?" Oliver asked as his hands ran through the pup’s short hair.

"I'm not sure your dad will be all right with that?"

"Please. I know he won't mind."

Within minutes Logan was back, book in hands.

"Please Daddy, can Scout sleep over with me?"

"If Cassandra doesn't mind, then I’m all right with it as well."

I nodded. "I'll pick him up tomorrow afternoon."

"Thank you." Oliver yawned pulling Scout closer into his arms.

I held up the book and began reading, "Green Eggs and Ham." I smiled; it was one of my favorite books from my childhood.

I read the book in a quiet voice while Logan stood in the doorway listening.

Oliver's eye fluttered as he tried to remain awake. The book came to an end, and Oliver's determination slipped away. I closed the book and pulled the blankets up to Oliver's chest. He had fallen asleep with a giant grin covering his innocent face. Scout as well was sleeping soundly in his arms. When I  pulled my tired body from the bed I placed the book on his nightstand, and clicked off the lamp.

My heartbeat began thrashing in my ears when I turned and saw Logan staring at me. In a matter of seconds I would be completely alone with him. It was nothing new. We had spent plenty of time together alone but after that day, something had changed. I wasn't sure what it was or when it happened, but I knew it was not just me that felt it.

With soft cautious steps on the creaky wood floor, I walked out of the room and closed the door halfway. Logan had moved to the hall opposite me.

"He seems to have enjoyed the story. Thank you." Logan held my gaze as he leaned against the wall, his hands shoved deep into his pockets.

"It's my favorite." I shrugged, desperate to keep things light and natural. "I think I enjoyed it as much as he did." I puffed out an awkward giggle. Despite my efforts, the air between us quickly grew thick.

"I should get going," I said unable to look away.

"Of course. I'll walk you out."

We walked down the hall and descended the steps, my head heavy in thought. Logan was not the same guy I met in August. He was sweet,funny, and extremely kind. Everything I always wanted. After all the time I had spent with him, I felt like we fit. He was my other half and in that moment, I knew I couldn’t resist him anymore.

His hand brushed gently against my lower back and I closed my eyes at the sweet touch. My body was on full alert, calling out for his touch to never leave. I tried not to think about it. Instead needing to focus on remembering how exactly to stay upright, and walk at the same time.

I went to the living room to grab my bag before following him to the foyer, stopping at the front door. Hesitantly, I looked up at Logan, unsure what to make of his expression. His brows were lowered in thought as he dug his hands back into his pocket, his shoulders tight.

"Today was a lot of fun," I said, unsure what he was thinking. "Thanks for inviting me over."

My bottom lip pulled in, nervously nipping at it while my hand ran up and down the strap of my tote uncomfortably. Why wasn't he speaking?

"Logan is everything—"

"Cassandra—" We spoke in unison.

A soft but awkward laugh came from us both as we looked down shyly and then back at each other. Everything felt new and foreign but I was ready for it.

"I heard you went on a date with Caleb’s brother, Luke."

I stood dumbfounded. What was I suppose to say? That was the last thing I expected for him to say in that moment.

My body tensed, shifting my weight from one foot to another. "I…um…it was just dinner with Hilary.” I gave a small shrug. “Caleb and Luke showed up but …it wasn't a…date."

I swallowed and chanced a look up at him. He was staring at me as if he were contemplating saying more. Instead, he simply nodded, his lips pressed tightly together.

With no explanation why, I took a step forward. His eyes brightened and his posture softened. I needed just one touch, anything. Deciding a hug would satisfy my hunger, I took another step and stood directly in front of him. The closer I was to him the braver I felt so I reached out and folded my hand around his. Not exactly the start of a friendly hug, but my body was leading the way and judging by the look in Logan's eyes, there was no turning back now.

"Luke seems like a great guy," I whispered searching for the right words. The words that would explain why Luke was nothing more than a nice guy. I held my gaze on our joined hands unsure how to explain my feelings.

"Yeah, I'm sure he is," he murmured, then reached out with his free hand and lifted my chin.. "You deserve a good guy, Cassandra."

I wanted nothing more than to lean in and close the gap between us. To wrap my arms around his neck, and finally taste every inch of his inviting mouth.

As if Logan could read my mind, he released my hand and wrapped his arm around my waist while his other hand moved from my chin and his fingers brushed over my bottom lip. My eyes gave him everything I had. The approval I knew he was searching for.

He leaned in and I closed my eyes. Logan's warm breath caressed my cheek, my lips, and I awaited the feel of his.

“Merry Christmas, Cassandra.” With that his lips placed a tender kiss upon my cheek.

I swallowed, flushed and ready to give in to everything my body was demanding, but he stepped back and walked to the door. I stood there, dumbstruck at how much it hurt to move my legs forward.

“Thank you for the gifts and for spending the day with us.” Logan’s voice was smooth and sweet, but his eyes were filled with something deeper. “Can I walk you home?”

“No,” I stammered, then looked down and tried to clear my thoughts, my desires. When I looked back up he was smiling wider and instantly I felt at ease. Only he could do that to me.

“Good night Logan.”

I ambled home, out into the chilly night air that did little to soothe the ache he had awoken inside me yet again.

Something had cracked in the armor around my heart and I knew I couldn’t resist the inevitable much longer. Logan West had somehow pulled me in and now I was finally ready to show him exactly what he was getting. 

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