Teaser #1
Unedited from Book 2

Searching the blanket for the call button, Logan grabbed my hand.
“What are you looking for?”
I yanked it away, narrowing my eyes at him. “None of your business.”
When I pressed the button the nurse at the desk answered. “How can help you?”
“Yes, I need to use the restroom.”
“A nurse will be right in to help.”
Logan of course didn’t get the memo that now was a great time for him to give me some privacy as I hoped he would, instead he tilted his head at me with a determined look in his eyes and then to my complete shock and horror gently shoved one hand under my back and the other under my knees and lifted me from the bed.
“Put me down!”
He didn’t listen and I was too weak to get away. Suddenly something yanked at my hand where tape covered the skin.
 “My IV!”
Panic surged through me.
It was my only thought, scared of ripping the line from my veins. With my arms wrapped around his neck, he grabbed the IV stand, rolling it beside us as he carried me to the restroom and kicked open the door.
After he bent down and lifted the lid, where I hung on for dear life, he rested me on the toilet. I wanted to die. My face burned and I could only imagine how red it was.
“I’ll wait outside the door,” he said so calmly I was left with an open mouth, stunned silent.
How was I expected to pee with Logan right outside the door. A door that I realized very quickly was left propped a crack open. Hell no!
“Close the door!” I yelled out.
“Just pee.”
“Not until you close the door!”
“What if you fall and I can’t hear you.”
Was he really justifying me leaving the door open enough for him to listen to me pee?
“Shut the door, Logan or I swear to God-“


Unedited 700 Likes teaser

 “Get up!”

I opened my eyes, my carefree smile falling away, only to find a dark familiar figure standing over me. My glossy eyes readjusted to the darkness, slowly revealing the taut jaw and livid expression on Logan. I was too drunk to care, instead letting my gaze travel down his lean body, taking in and admiring the way his strong chest bulged from his dark wool coat.

His black cotton pajama pants led my thoughts straight to him in bed, an image I had dreamed multiple times before that fateful night, but even still that thought alone held my attention. His hair was tousled and was one of the sexiest things I’d ever seen. Every inch of hidden thrill inside me skyrocketed to life and I found myself less freezing on the ground and much more heated and aroused.

“So help me God, Cassandra.” With an exasperated sigh, he ran his hands down his face, “You can get up and walk back in your house or I’ll carry your ass to mine.” His voice was thick, serious and surprisingly unpleasant reminding me why I’d locked myself away the entire week.

Buzz kill.

I sat up on my elbows and scoffed, “No!” before falling back into the icy snow, smiling to myself.


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