Wednesday Question *Spoilers*

Hi Readers!!
This is the start of something new... Wednesdays are now dedicated to Logan.
Each week I will post a "What was Logan thinking?" question for all of you to comment on.
I hope this is a fun way for us to interact and get a better idea of what that sexy man was thinking.
I look forward to reading your answers, so have fun and let your creative side show!
Week One Question:
What was Logan thinking when he looked outside and found Cassandra in his pool?

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  1. "My God. She looks like a gilded goddess in the moonlight." He whispered in the darkness of his studio. His hands itched to run along her slick breasts, hips and thighs. He turned to reach for his paints, to capture her beauty, innocence and sensuality. But he suddenly moved toward the door instead, down the stairs and out to the pool deck. When he found himself outside, the backyard was empty, the water nymph was gone. "My muse, I will paint her one day", he vowed.